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Your Answer?About six months ago, I became aware that attacks on Christianity are increasing. It seemed that some kind of attack came across my radar weekly.

The majority of these attacks from atheists, secularist and Muslims are happening not only in other countries but right here in the USA, where they appear to be using our laws of freedom against us by skewing their interpretation. I began collecting incidents and to my surprise, in two months time I’d collected 24 news items.

It is more evident this is happening at Christmas time when lawsuits are brought against nativity scenes being displayed on public property. Stores are growing more and more fearful of displaying the word Christmas or playing Christmas carols or using the word Christmas on displays. Schools are not allowed to use the Christmas theme in any way. It seems Christ is being wiped out slowly but surely. Why?

The answer is hatred, control, and cowardliness.  Why the hatred? Well, it has been an affliction of mankind since the beginning of time. It is connected to envy and lust.  It is the same with control — imposing control over our ability to exercise our right to practice Christianity diminishes our faith and gives the controllers more authority over us.  The goal is to destroy our faith to make us docile sheep.

Cowardliness is the most dangerous of these, and I would add to this, indifference.  With these two swords we are cutting off our own heads, we are crucifying our Christ all over again.  We do not “stand up, stand up for Jesus” anymore.  Have we turned our God into a marshmallow puff god that stands for nothing thus calling us to do nothing even though Christianity is a faith of action?

Last week I saw two road signs for church events. One advertised a “Winter Festival” and the other a “Holiday Festival.”  How could Christianity be supported or defended when even some churches won’t use the word Christmas when advertising Christmas events?

Your answer?