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Truth Has No Agenda


Apparently we dare not speak its name… You know — that “patriarchal, strict religion” — at least not at NBC News or the Associated Press! Yet another example of the PRESS/MEDIA trying to re-shape our thinking by not reporting facts as facts.

You probably heard the heart-rending Canadian story about the honor killing of 3 young Muslim girls by their father. Trust us, it takes some clever writing to avoid mentioning the word “Muslim” in this story–you might think honor killing is a “bizarre ritual limited to the family in question or perhaps to a few other members of an unidentified “patriarchal culture,” as the story in NewsBusters put it.

Here’s part of the NBC News story on the murders:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: A verdict has been reached in a murder case that’s gotten a lot of attention because it involved so-called honor killings of family members by family members. In this case an Afghan family living in Canada. It is a culture clash getting a lot of attention to our north. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles has the story.

KEVIN TIBBLES: Three teenage sisters murdered because of how they wanted to live their lives. Dress like westerners, use the internet, meet boys. Also killed, their father’s first wife, by a strict religious family that felt it had been disgraced.