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At last Tuesday’s meeting, Conway’s City Council voted, without much comment, to give two non-profits $50,000 of taxpayer money for “transportation needs.”

We know it will be made to sound; however, we think charities should raise their own operational funds and not be dependent upon a governmental entity (like the city of Conway) to make ends meet. Yes, we know it is legal, now that Conway’s “leaders” got with State Rep. Linda Tyler to run a law OK’ing the practice through the Arkansas Legislature last spring. Making something legal doesn’t make it right, and her special law came after we complained of the practice then, but we digress…

Here in Conway taxpayers will be asked in February to allow our city to go more deeply into debt – all to pay for much-needed police vehicles and fire trucks. Now we ask you, does it make sense to spend money that Conway doesn’t have now for basic needs, to the benefit of two pre-selected charities?

That’s the other point… it’s not appropriate for a governmental entity to select which non-profit groups in its constituency are “worthy” of funds (and by default, selecting those that are NOT worthy).

And maybe, as a taxpayer, I don’t wish to support the Boys/Girls Clubs or the Faulkner County Council on Developmental Disabilities (although they are both important and needed in our county). Is it appropriate for Conway to take our taxpayer money — the same money we don’t have enough of now for basic needs — and give it to only these two charities?

How about this idea: Why don’t these groups undertake a fund-raising campaign to cover all their expenses, like other groups must do to stay in operation, and to build new facilities?

Conway is known as one of the most generous volunteer towns in Arkansas. Why not allow Conway taxpayers a chance to give, on their own as they feel the need, to help these worthy charities with their transportation needs?