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We have a President who does not believe the Constitution constrains his actions, and in fact may be acting in contravention of the Constitution. Barack Obama’s recent “recess” appointments to the NLRB and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) are a prime example of his disdain for the Constitution.

Recess appointment only takes place during a recess, which precedents define as a three-day period during which Congress is not in session. Unfortunately for Mr. Obama the Senate has been in pro-forma session all through the recent holidays.

In addition, the Bill creating the CFPB specifies that the Senate must confirm the agency head. So Obama’s appointment violated the founding legislation.

Although Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid defends Obama’s actions, his purely political statements have no basis in truth. In fact the same Senator Reid blocked recess appointments by President Bush by using then the same “pro forma tactic” Republicans are using now.

Democrats can spin all they want but some truths will not be denied. President Obama is not following the law, and probably not the Constitution either. Barack Obama is a politician interested in power, not in governing according to the rule of law.

Senator Reid needs to make a decision. Is he lying now when he says the appointments are valid, or was he lying when he used the pro-forma session to block appointments by President Bush? No matter. In the final outcome one thing is true: Harry Reid is a liar.

Washington’s environment is more toxic now than ever. A president who pledged to unite has spent three years dividing. Congress seems to have forgotten the election of 2010.

Government needs to understand some facts of life:

You work for us.

Your responsibility is to uphold your duty to the Constitution and the law, not to a political party or your own personal power.

Elections allow us to regularly review your performance. We will get rid of any of you who do not perform to our expectations.

If you don’t do your job the way we want it done, Washington will be very toxic for you.