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"We the People"hat-tip to Nic, who graciously allowed us to post this from The Arkansas Patriot blog:

The other evening, after posting my article “Why A Constitutional Convention May Not Be As Scary As You Think,” someone tweeted me & told me that an “Article V convention is unconstitutional.”

It immediately became abundantly clear to me that we have a lot more educating to do on this issue if we ever want to see an Article V convention to adopt something of vital importance like, say, a National Debt Relief Amendment.

I did some more snooping around at & uncovered another great resource from Goldwater Institute called, “10 Facts to Rebut the Mythology of a ‘Runaway Convention.’ “

Below are the first 5 facts.  #1 is perhaps the most important because it establishes the fact that an Article V convention–which is what the NDRA movement is calling for–is not actually a constitutional convention:

  1. Article V does not authorize a constitutional convention; it authorizes a convention for proposing specific amendments.
  2. When the Founders drafted the U.S. Constitution in 1787, they specifically rejected language for Article V that would have allowed the states to later call for an open convention.
  3. Thirty eight (38) states must ratify any proposal from an amendments convention, requiring a broad consensus that makes sure an amendments convention cannot “runaway.”
  4. The limited scope of an amendments convention is underscored by the fact that it specifically says amendments cannot alter the equal number of votes for each state in the U.S. Senate without the consent of the affected state. This establishes that an Article V convention couldn’t simply rewrite the entire Constitution.
  5. The states define the agenda of an amendments convention through their applications for the convention and through the commission of delegates. Amendments conventions can be limited to specific topics.

If you have friends who are espousing irrational fears about an Article V convention, share this with them.

We have a responsibility to fight misinformation with truth.

Nic Horton