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No 2 Obamacare The next time you see am AARP commercial (paid for with your taxpayer dollars and windfall profits from their support of Obamacare) promising they are looking out for seniors, ask yourself, “What about seniors who have medical conditions but can’t get coverage from one of AARP’s insurance plans?”

This is all you need to know about AARP’s priorities, and is why more seniors each day are learning AARP just cannot be trusted to protect and stand up for America’s seniors, no matter how good they make themselves sound on TV.

From the beginning AARP has strongly supported Obamacare, including an official corporate endorsement and heavy lobbying for passage of the law. If you did not know before now, AARP is a liberal-slanted group and can so be expected to support Obamacare.

But did you know AARP has a deal with Obama that exempts AARP and partners from coverage of pre-existing conditions for seniors? This, despite the fact that no exclusions for pre-existing conditions is a main selling point of Obamacare.

When AARP joined others to support Obamacare in a Supreme Court amicus brief between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the state of Florida and 12 other state attorney generals, the organization gave its 6 major health care priorities as a basis for its position.

Noticebly absent from that list was ensuring Medigap coverage for pre-existing conditions for seniors, even though AARP supported that direction in 2009 when when the legislation was first addressed.

AARP, partnered with groups like United Health Group (UHG) to provide health care insurance, grossed more than $440 million in Medigap royalties… Do you think that amount would go down if UHG had to comply with the pre-existing conditions part of the law? The waiver on pre-existing coverage for seniors allows AARP to sell more Medigap coverage to seniors who lost coverage due to ObamaCare, while simultaneously not having to cover those who need coverage the most — those with pre-existing conditions.

Do YOU agree with these health care “priorities?” Is AARP the organization you believed it was?