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Here’s something on the Obamacare mandate on “contraception for all” that makes sense!

Pregnancy (and the protection from it) is not a healthcare condition–it is a normal physiological event. For example, since eating causes bowel movements and drinking causes urination, are they healthcare conditions?

It’s time for us as a nation to call a spade a spade and quit accepting politically correct names that hide the truth. Insurers can create another type of insurance in addition to life, accident, and health insurance called pregnancy insurance. Why must pregnancy tilt the health insurance table when it’s not a healthcare condition?

Complications from pregnancy and delivery can result in healthcare conditions, but by itself it is not a healthcare condition.

The writer, Father Tom Bradshaw (St. Barnabas Anglican Church) says his analysis–with which we wholeheartedly agree–“comes from the heart, from someone who’s served in the healthcare industry for 45 years.”

Oh yeah, while we’re at it, we also totally agree with Father Bradshaw’s closing comment: “I prefer we throw out Obamacare altogether if for no other reason than its socialistic tendencies.” We know Obamacare isn’t about healthcare choices. We aren’t buying it. It’s about government control in our private, personal lives.