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Quit Digging!From Wednesday morning, November 3, 2010:

Arkansans awoke to a new political reality today…..In stunning fashion, GOP voters repainted Arkansas’ political landscape ….After decades of Democratic dominance, the state finally has a two-party system.

Would someone please tell Governor Beebe and House Speaker Moore?

Only two weeks into the Legislature’s fiscal session, Democrats remain “confused and frustrated” about not having total control of Arkansas government and the budget process. While GOP lawmakers dare to intervene in what has historically been a Democrat-run budget process, state Democrats block every attempt by the GOP to attempt to reign in Arkansas spending.

A couple of errant tweets by Speaker Moore last Friday tell us everything we need to know: Arkansas Democrats do not respect the will of their taxpaying constituents, nor are they at all concerned with what is best for Arkansas’ financial future.  Unlike the voters, who chose a different path forward, state Democrats are still playing the old game.

Here are the tweets Jason Tolbert (Arkansas political blogger) verified with Moore:

(may have already received this. Not sure on other # I have for u.) Below fyi from dem caucus mbrs. Frustration abounds but whatever play qb gov wants to run dems r going to execute. Enjoying wkend at new homestead n ar city! Have fun. C u mon. Robert

Hearing from members …. They don’t want budget amended. They don’t want JB to get any leverage out of this. If Gov finds 1 m they will say DFA should have found it earlier and they will play it as poor budgeting. Want us to stay firm with JBC RSA. Thanks.

In the second tweet, “JB” is House Minority Leader John Burris.

Above any other goal, Dems are clearly in lockstep (should we say "with Washington, D.C.?") to block GOP lawmakers, no matter what efforts are made to bring some sanity into the budget process. The tweets clearly demonstrate that Dems refuse to even show a good-faith effort at bi-partisanship. 

This leaves voters no other choice: we must prove that we can continue changing Arkansas' political landscape in in November 2012.  We must replace lawmakers who put party over our future prosperity!