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No Runaway Con-ConI support Senator Jason Rapert's introduction of the National Debt Relief Amendment to Arkansas. The NDRA is a way to battle the out-of-control dire consequences of unabated federal spending.

I believe in the supremacy (in most cases) of states' rights, and also understand the very high gates that must be met to successfully initiate the NDRA. 

Please read Curtis Coleman's insightful discussion "A Constitutional Convention?" to understand as much as possible about this method our Founding Fathers gave the states to combat a Congress that is unwilling or unable to get the job done:

"Let me be clear right at the beginning.  I am adamantly opposed to a constitutional convention, but if you do not read past these first two paragraphs, you will completely misunderstand the intent of this article and, more importantly, what the Constitution of the United States of America (“Constitution”) says and what its Framers intended. I agree with Barry Goldwater ….." READ MORE at