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Fair GodmotherWhere is Fairy Godmother when we need her???

She must be off in some fairy tale somewhere saving some princess or guiding barefoot kids out of a deep, dark forest inhabited by trolls. I’ve looked for her high and low, behind trees and flitting about, but she is nowhere to be found.

I need her, our state needs her, our country needs her!

America is suffering. Dis-ease permeates the air, and people are fearful, angry and frustrated.

The cause of this appears to be that a majority of our leaders have lost the desire to do what is best for our people and instead, do what is best for themselves and their careers.

Right has become wrong and wrong is the new right.

Christianity, on which our country was founded (no matter what the atheists and secularists say), is under serious attack; the threat is growing exponentially.

Islam threatens to overtake us from within and without. Political correctness is silencing us (intentionally).

Our national debt has grown to monumental heights, and continues to grow in order to pay for things our government was not designed to pay for. Our so-called leaders refuse to take in hand the task of cutting spending and creating a budget and, instead, talk of raising taxes.

The blame game has evolved into a political pastime while our infrastructure is crumbling. Social Security for seniors has been robbed to pay for other things (it doesn’t matter who did it).

Huge numbers of Americans are out of jobs, and companies that could hire more workers are shackled by rules and regulations that make operating a business an act of masochism. Communist ideologies are slithering into government at all levels under names and faces that sound friendly.

I won’t even get into the losses of freedoms and privacy imposed on us.

I’ve decided that Fairy Godmother is nowhere around because she knows this is not her problem.

Maybe even God has gotten fed up with us. He gave us brains and a beautiful planet to live on and resources to give our lives quality. And what have we done with this bounty? We have turned it all over to politicians at all levels of government to use and manipulate to their benefit while we went to the malls, the movies, and played like children without a care in the world.

Now we are treated like children by those in power. We can be felt up in airports and if we object, we have hell to pay.

We are about to be forced to buy something (insurance) many of us do not want and most of us don’t even know what it is.

We are being told what we can and cannot say — Christians are no longer allowed to pray in many places while Muslims can block traffic to pray in our streets. And the list goes on.

And what do most of us do about it? We still wait for Fairy Godmother….