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No ObamacareListening the actual audio tapes of the oral arguments has been, let’s say, enlightening–and fun, in a politico-nerdy kind of way.

Of interest at the beginning of Tuesday’s hearing was how Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, defending Obamacare, couldn’t seem to get started with his comments.

He stammered and repeated himself and there were several periods of silence.  It was painful to hear Verrilli fluttering papers and gulping several sips of water as he managed to somehow speak his opening statement.

“Verrilli … the handpicked advocate for a president well-educated in the intricacies of constitutional law …looked lost on the most important day of oral arguments.” — Politico

Verrilli was “a train wreck for the Obama administration..” — CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin

Could it be the Obama Administration is ill-prepared for its “defense” of their government take-over?

This would be because, in their minds, keeping people dependent upon the government for their well-being is so clearly “the right thing to do” they cannot see it any other way — which completely eliminates the ability to form a comprehensive strategy using facts and the law to defend their health care plan to the Supreme Court.

Today, Deputy Solicitor General Edwin Kneedler gave arguments on behalf of the Obama Administration, and White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler defended Verrilli: “Mr. Verrilli is an extraordinarily talented advocate who possesses a sharp mind, keen judgment, and unquestionable integrity.”

“He ably and skillfully represented the United States before the Supreme Court yesterday, and we have every confidence that he will continue to do so.”

Sure, the attorneys’ testimony schedules were likely pre-set, but how can Verrilli’s behavior on Tuesday be good for Obama and the future of his “signature achievement” in health care?

You’ll have to hear the transcripts to know what else is in ’em! 

These take you to the Supreme Court mp3 audio files. You can also find the written transcripts on the site.