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What's the Difference?Remember the puzzle books with all the colorful, intricate drawings — the books that show two almost identical pictures and then ask "What's different?"

No pictures this time, but a puzzle remains.  Controversial film director (and 15-year Professor of Film at NYU) Spike Lee has tweeted his anger and displeasure over the Trayvon Martin death hundreds of times in the past few days. 

He even posted what he thought was the address of George Zimmerman *, the man who shot Trayvon Martin:

@SpikeLee "EVERYBODY REPOST THIS George W. Zimmerman (Street Address)(City)FLORIDA"

@SpikeLee "America The Beautiful,A Country Where A Black Teenager Can Be Shot And Killed Coming From A 7-Eleven Buying A Ice Tea And A Bag Of Skittles."

@SpikeLee: "Why Is George Zimmerman Still FREE?…"

@SpikeLee: "People Need to See This HATE"

Contrast that with this:  New York City PD investigated a tweet about killing police that was sent as hundreds of Occupy protestors clashed with police at Zuccotti Park on the 6-month Occupy anniversary.

@Smackema1: "We won't make a difference if we don't kill a cop or 2,"  said the threat, which also had a link showing video footage of Zuccotti Park.  Then the author also tweeted several other comments about the protests, prompting NYPD to subpoena the identity of Smackrma1 for possible charges.

So, the puzzle:  What's different about these two situations?  Who cares?

Once you know the truth, it's your duty to take action….


* Turns out, that tweet was wrong, and now a 70+-year-old Florida couple is living in a hotel, fearing for their lives to return to their own home.  It was their address that Spike Lee tweeted to his followers.