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Truth“What goes around, comes around…” and, once again, we’re in the middle of a Faulkner County Sheriff’s election, complete with innuendo, rumours, and character assassination. 

As a Faulkner County voter I’m sick and tired of the swirling rumor mill and the unethical, immoral people who are feeding that rumor mill. 

What is the truth?  Where are the facts??  It’s time to get it out in the open and bring some sunlight to the underbelly of Faulkner County politics.  

That’s right — if something is wrong in the Sheriff’s Department, then investigate and get to the bottom of it.  Go outside the County if need be and get it settled.

If the allegations have been publicized innumerable times over the last several years and the authorities haven’t taken action, then it’s obvious that something else is going on.  That something else is an attempt to use disingenuous, possibly illegal means to undermine the Sheriff’s Department by continually attacking the Department and its administration, the way it handles (and has handled) investigations, and certain individuals who run for Sheriff.

It’s disturbing, at best, to think our County’s chief law enforcement agency seems to have some very unhappy individuals working on our behalf.

If those people are so sure that something is wrong in the Department, they must bring facts to the table and get it settled.  Voters deserve better than what’s going on in the race now.