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We have a saying in our house, "Words mean something."  As a writer, I know that when words are deliberately misconstrued there's always a motive. Misconstruing the facts is a character issue.

Price Dooley, the RINO candidate for House District 70, is running a commercial equating his incumbent opponent's legal business office practices with corruption, while also saying David Meeks was named "least effective legislator" by Talk Business.  

Meeks then told voters of Dooley's purely Democrat voting record, which is a public fact that cannot be misconstrued.

First:  Yes, office services by Meeks' wife, Naomi, are part of his reimbursed expenses, as legally defined in Amendment 70 which governs legislators' reimbursements.   Meeks adds, " I use a portion of my office expense to reimburse my wife for legitimate work she does for me since I don't have a staff.  My other option is to go out and get a physical office and hire someone full time with benefits and charge the taxpayers much more per month.  I decided to be fiscally responsible and go the cheaper route."

Meeks is 7th from the BOTTOM of the list of 100 representatives and their per diem amounts ranked from most to least.   So, how effective is that, really?

Second:  Yes, Meeks was one of the 5 GOP and 2 Democrat legislators Talk Business decried for their failure to pass any bills in the 88th General Assembly, but they didn't give a list of "least effective legislators."

Look at bills Meeks sponsored against Obamacare, his voting record against funding state healthcare exchanges, his co-sponsored states' rights resolution, and endorsements such as Arkansas Right to Life and the NRA.  How effective in representing conservatives — as a conservative legislator — is Meeks, really?

So, why is Price Dooley misconstruing the situation here?  If he voted Democrat all these years, why is he running in the GOP primary against Meeks?  How effective will Dooley be?  Really?