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Trying to waive the rules again at tonight's Council meeting, Mayor Townsell wants to use the waiver of an easement to have Conway add yet Another City Park.

Hendrix Village's "watershed" would "essentially become a city park" under the proposal.  Hendrix would still own and control it (including paying the maintenance costs), but the city would have "public use" of it.  All for the bargain price of over 1.1 MILLION dollars credit to Hendrix in their impact fees "for parks" — which the Hendrix rep says they'll "likely never" fully utilize.

Alderman Mark Vaught pointed out that he did not know the "grant" from Hendrix would cost the city over 1 MILLION dollars "until about 15 minutes" before the agenda item came up at the Council meeting – and several other Council members brought up pertinent questions, none of which were answered.

Council got nervous on this one, voting 7-0 to table for more discussion.  Conway voters, ask your Alderman about this arrangement and what it costs Conway.

Does Conway need even more park space?    What would 1 MILLION in impact fees do for Conway?

Can Conway afford our incumbents??