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ConstitutionWe could truly use more elected officials like Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King, who isn't just complaining about Obama's escalating power grabs but is a warrior on the front lines in the fight to maintain the balance of powers American enjoys due to our Constitution. 

After Obama last week again abused his executive privilege by ordering the non-deportation of young illegal aliens, King sprang into action:

“I don’t need Congress to defend the Constitution.

“Barack Obama’s executive order defies the will of the American people. Congress has considered and refused to pass the DREAM Act.

“Obama has directly challenged the separation of powers, a principle fundamental to the Constitution. If we stand by and allow Obama to succeed, we might as well get out a black pen and start marking out those parts of the Constitution Obama finds offensive to him.”

“I intend to file a legal action in the courts as soon as possible, before Obama has a chance to do even more damage to the Constitution.”

King said will do this alone — if no one joins him in filing for an injunction blocking Obama’s latest move to dismantle our Constitution. 

P.S.:  As Iowa Senator in 1999, King took similar action against Iowa's then-Governor Tom Vilsack over Vilsack's executive order about discrimination in government offices.  King won in 1999 when the judge ruled that Vilsack had absolutely exceeded his authority in issuing that executive order. We hopefully look for that outcome this time.