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America Ashamed'So good to know that our government can now  legally control any area of our lives —  as long as they tax it or claim it's part of the 'general welfare' or 'interstate commerce.'

Jay Sekulow of ACLJ says:

"The decision to keep the health care law intact is problematic for our nation and the American people.

The government-run, pro-abortion law may have survived constitutional scrutiny, but the focus now turns to November and the election.

The American people understand that this law is not what our nation needs or deserves.

Our efforts will intensify to support a legislative remedy that ultimately will result in the repeal of ObamaCare."

When the ruling was announced, hospital stocks immediately rose sharply and insurance stocks fell.

Oh yeah, DNC Director Patrick Gaspard spiked the ball on Twitter with this: 'It’s constitutional, bitches.' "

UpdatedOn Friday, 6/29 Obama tweets "Still a BFD….."

Just sayin' … this is what we're dealing with. 

This November will make or break our future.  Voters are America's LAST AND ONLY HOPE.