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Air Force Academy GraduationI got this — as the press and politicians like to say — from a very reliable source: Brian McManus 4428-R, Air Force Academy grad; 204 missions over North Vietnam in an F-4.  I just wanted to pass on a little info in case some of you were not aware of this.  

Yesterday was the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony.  My friend from Texas had just arrived and we drove down the road to watch the Thunderbirds air show after the ceremony was finished. 

Most of you know Pres. Obama spoke at the ceremony and handed out the diplomas.  When this finished it was time for the Thunderbirds to fly. 

There was one maneuver, then they disappeared. 

A man standing by me called a friend at Peterson Field and found out that the air show was halted because Obama wanted to leave.  

A helicopter soon appeared and flew around in a circular pattern above where we were – basically doing reconnaissance as Obama's motorcade was exiting the Air Force Academy.  He was going to Denver to do some more campaigning since Colorado is a swing state.  

After he left, the Thunderbirds came back and continued the show for the graduates.

Think about this.  Obama comes to a graduation, speaks, etc., then decides to leave before the Thunderbirds can complete their air show.  They had to fly around, & waste fuel. 

Thousands of people — the graduating cadets, parents, friends, observers in the vicinity parked in lots waiting to see them fly — inconvenienced, so Obama, his "highness," could leave to go campaign in Denver!  How  disrespectful of EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE! 

It would have taken only about 20-30 minutes more to stay until the fly-over was finished, thereby honoring the graduates, Thunderbirds and the military in general.  However, this narcissistic disgrace of a "Commander-in-Chief" had to inconvenience everyone and leave, interrupting the ceremony fly-over because everything is about him. 

I was disgusted by this, and so was everyone else standing around near us.  

I hope this info gets passed on so others can see how disrespectful this President is toward the military.  Not too many who witnessed this will be voting for him.