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Beat Goes OnEurope's financial crisis continues like a drumbeat in the daily news, all the while sounding louder and louder. 

Meanwhile, we here "across the pond" are whistling (again!) as we walk past the graveyard — complete with fresh dirt piling up around gaping holes in the ground — watching dispassionately while Europe's leaders work harder and harder at what has been termed "mutual economic disaster" for their entire region.

Now this, from today's news wires on the European debt crisis:

— Top European officials are calling on countries that use the euro to surrender more control over their national budgets, a move apparently aimed at easing Germany’s fears of sharing debt burdens with struggling governments like Spain or Italy.   The plan, delivered as a grand vision to save the euro currency from financial disaster and to set up negotiations between leaders, was broached Thursday at a European Union summit…."

It simply is not rational for governments to continue printing money (which devalues its worth), spewing it all around in the hopes that it will stimulate future jobs and economic growth.  The struggle between austerity and spending even more that no one can afford is reaching epic proportions, leaving all of us in its wake gasping for some means of continuing our own financial lives and futures.

Why can't we learn from what we see is not working?

Is Europe handling her finances any differently than our federal government is handling our economic mess here in the States?  Wait, wait, my eyes are blurry; I'm not sure what I read … 

Was it THIS ? >>>>>

— Top U.S. officials are calling on all 50 states to surrender control over their state budgets, a move apparently aimed at easing the federal government's fears of sharing debt burdens one-by-one with struggling states like California…..  The plan, delivered as a grand vision to save America's economy from financial disaster, was broached this week…."

How long will it be before we realize we're the next ones to go?  America cannot afford the Obama Administration's policies any more than Europe can afford what her leaders are now  proposing.

How can we can stop this landslide toward economic catastrophe — the likes of which we've never yet experienced??  

We cannot afford for YOU to sit home — we must put conservatives in office.  November is coming. 

Get busy.  The drumbeat goes on.