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Making RightWe’re happy to report that Conway’s City Council did two things right at its lengthy meeting Tuesday night.

The Council voted to eliminate troublesome wording regarding firearms in city parks from proposed parks regulations.  And, it voted to eliminate an  original, 41-year-old, illegal ordinance that stood unchallenged and in place all this while.

More current state law regarding firearms control by cities made the 1971 Conway ordinance obsolete, but City leaders had not kept the 1971 ordinance current with state law.

Curiously, Mayor Townsell used this very selling point to push hard to keep the newest Conway ordinance on firearms, saying the questionable section was “in total agreement with state law.”

Alderman Mark Vaught pointed out the effort involved in deliberately keeping a local law current with changing state laws; Conway would need to constantly watch and change laws to keep current — something that didn’t happen with the 1971 firearms provisions.

Even though Townsell’s proposed firearms wording was defeated, Alderman Theo Jones went on to lead the Council to repeal the 1971 ordinance so Conway would be in compliance with current state law.

Now if we can just work on that “waiving the readings” problem Conway has…but that’s another City Council meeting.