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Government Expands, Freedom LosesConway's Mayor Townsell and most members of the City Council seem to be totally in love with parks and everything associated with them. 

This might explain why they want to consider an ordinance at tonight's Council meeting that would prohibit gun owners — even concealed permit holders — from carrying in Conway parks.

Faulkner County's County Clerk candidate Mark Vaught, currently serving on the City Council, pointed out that state law specifically prohibits cities and counties from meddling with gun rights (ACA §§ 14-54-1411(b)(1) and 14-16-504(b)(1) . 

So he asked Conway city attorney Mike Murphy about it and Murphy responded, "This ordinance changes nothing;  those who are legally licensed to carry may continue to do so."

Vaught then asked, "If it changes nothing, then why can't we remove the language altogether?"

Our friends at The Arkansas Project report that, "when asked directly by a Conway resident if this ordinance would apply to concealed carry permit holders, the city attorney Mike Murphy danced around the issue:

'Obviously, the city cannot ban that which state law authorizes. The ordinance specifically references ACA 5-73-306 and the intent of the ordinance is to follow state law. As we discussed, the ordinance as drafted recognizes the authority of state law and would allow parks and recreation to administer its rules within that framework.' "

If state law already prohibits carrying a weapon WITHOUT a permit and the language in the ordinance doesn't change that, AND state law prohibits cities from amending the gun rights of We the People, why is that language in this ordinance?  What is the City Council's goal?