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Image Courtesy of… for understanding that a Senate vote FOR the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is a vote against your vow to uphold our Constitution. 

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, leading treaty opponents, appears to have put together enough "no" votes to block ratification of LOST in the Senate, even though Massachusetts Senator John Kerry  (Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) says he'll bring it to a vote as planned.

“With 34 senators against the misguided treaty, LOST will not be ratified by the Senate this yearr,”  Senator DeMint said.

If all 34 Senators just stand together, it is impossible for the Senate to reach the 67 votes needed to ratify the treaty.  Arkansas' Senator John Boozman is among the 34 senators who "get it" — America's sovereignty would be LOST under LOST.

Thanks, Senator Boozman, for standing with Jim DeMint and calling this power move what it is:  an international power grab that gives away U.S. sovereignty to an international body.  We're standing with you — against LOST.