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Who?“If someone tells you who they are, you should believe them!”

This saying is from one of my good friends and, you know, she’s most often right.

Just like that remark by our President. You know, the one about “You didn’t build this.”

I know, I know, everyone’s talking about what Obama really meant when he said what he said. C’mon, you heard it and I heard it. Now we’re wondering what he really meant?

Here’s the lowdown: Obama now insists he was referring to “the government’s role” in making American businesses successful by way of the roads, bridges and infrastructure the government builds with your tax dollars.

But I think he meant just what you heard – that an individual in America cannot be successful unless the government props up him or her.

Either way, he’s not in touch with the self-sustaining principles of freedom and liberty God endowed upon America – the principles that drove our Founders to create our Republic are not the principles that are driving Obama.

With that remark, didn’t Obama just tell us – once again — who he is? And, how many times will we let him go back and tell us he did not say what we heard him say?

He’s telling us who he is. Why don’t we believe him?