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We are more than excited that GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Rommey chose as his VP partner Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, undoubtably one of the best candidates when it comes to understanding, solving, and communicating about budget, money, and our debt issues.

One of the tea party’s leading groups had this to say, and they explain the significance of Romney’s choice better than I could hope to do:

” … the ascendency of someone like Paul Ryan clearly represents one of the great measures of our success as a grassroots movement to restore liberty and responsible governance in America. Expect him to be demonized for his ideas.

For progressives, Paul Ryan is their worst nightmare: A policy wonk who understands what they are all about, who has solutions, and who has an easy style and ability to communicate.

Ryan represents a set of new ideas to grow the economy, reform the tax code and balance the budget, and the choice will force a more adult debate between these ideas and the radical expansion of government and debt under Obama.

For that very reason, they will try to destroy him.

If you and I don’t show up and defend Paul Ryan, expect our best ideas to lose in the political marketplace. If nothing else, you and I need to show up and defend our values.
— Matt Kibbe, Freedomworks