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Partisan PressMr. DeMillo, please! You have taken the mantle of a reporter, but your personal bias is shining. Try harder, would ya, to report the facts?

DeMillo wrote a followup AP story on the DWI arrest of Herb Rule, the Democrat candidate for the U.S. House seat in Arkansas’ District 2 (opposing Rep. Tim Griffin). Distracting the reader from Rule’s identity, the lead reads this way:

“Herb Rule, a lawyer and former Democratic state legislator running for a central Arkansas congressional seat, said Friday…..”

It’s only until you read the last paragraph of today’s story that you see that Rule is the Democratic 2nd District Congressional candidate running against incumbent State Rep. Tim Griffin.

Yes, it’s a by-lined article, so at least we can know who wrote the story this way. But, is this the kind of front-page reporting that truly educates the public about ongoing events affecting the November races in Arkansas? Really?

Facts are Mr. Rule is a current candidate in the local (District 2 ) race for U.S. representative. Mr. DeMillo’s lead covers up this fact.

Try harder, would ya? Your bias is showing.