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ccssDid you know? The Common Core Standards (“CCSS”) nationalized program will monitor 400 data points on your children: grade scores, their blood type, discipline issues, religion, nicknames, bus stop times, extra-curricular activities, etc.   And the Department of Education bypassed Congress to change the privacy law so parental consent is no longer required to release the data.

The federal government and United Nations have cooperated to write textbooks to meet the goals of CCSS.   Forget our American heritage.    The federal government is now creating testing tools to assess students’ progress in accepting the social and political ideologies that comprise CCSS.

And, if you hadn’t heard it yet, in Texas recently Kara Stan’ fifth-grade son was quizzed about a video he saw about the 9/11 attacks.   One question was: “Why might the U.S. be a target for terrorism?”

The school says the correct answer is: “Decisions we made in the United States that negatively impact people elsewhere.”

Are these standards “our standards?”  &bsp;Or, have “our standards” been corrupted into something we no longer recognize?

Did you know?