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Mar 31, 2013

The New Fair Deal

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by OurVoicesAR

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5 responses to “The New Fair Deal”

  1. ron semmont says:

    1.a national sales tax;
    2.congressional term limits
    3.line item veto power for the President
    4.outlaw lobbyists
    5.make balancing the budget a requirement

  2. Dr. Margaret McDowell says:

    Suggested balancing budget from tax-paying citizen:
    – Use the Ryan Plan – best solution; otherwise, accept ALL listed below –
    – Accelerate Social Security income 5% per year beginning January 1, 2013, making monthly payments retroactive
    – Defense, together with every facet of federal government, will be reduced by division proportionately. Defense must remain strong as our first line of protection. Bring our troops home and place on our borders and internally, not DC, to protect the American people. No help to any country not proven in past to be our ally. Withdraw all supplies, military and otherwise by April 30, 2013 and place them in defense of the U.S
    – Decrease all pay for members of Congress, all people in and employed by White House [cabinet, Czars, all government employees in D.C., and authorized by the President, etc.] by 5% per year beginning January 1, 2013 until budget balanced.
    – No perks, no payments for anything by or for any government employee in America, using tax payer money, loans, etc., until budget is completely balanced beginning April 15, 2013
    – All pork in bills signed on or after January 20, 2006 are to be repaid by April 30, 2013 with interest at 5% by the recipient; if not complied with by April 30, 2013, offender will be placed in prison until complete payment is made to American people.
    – No bailouts, loans or give-away until budget is completely balanced other than assisting our proven allies from the past when requested, i.e., UK, Israel, etc.
    – Recall all freebies, i.e., fighter planes, tanks recently sent abroad to non-proven allies, immediately – that being by and before April 30, 2013. Returned at that country’s expense.
    – UN countries using our facilities, will as of April 30, 2013, pay their way for everything. Nothing is free. All back debts [traffic tickets, etc.] will be paid in full by April 30, 2013 or assets will be taken from the representative. If any debt remains, the member will be ask to leave the country. All representing countries will be responsible for own expenses. U.S. pays for nothing – we will begin assessing percentage of any maintenance/repairs/taxes, etc. on the building and any other items previously paid for by the U.S. beginning January 1, 2014.
    – Immediately, as of by April 15, 2015, all former bad decisions such as ‘green energy’ money gone belly-up, are to be paid into the treasury by the culprit who authorized the spend. If not accomplished from that individual’s personal income and proof been given, prison as above. Michelle Bachman will be in charge of overseeing all income, assisted by Paul Ryan and others of their choice.
    – No freebies of any kind will be supplied to any federal employee, including Congress, the first family, and Mr. Hussein O himself, to include and not limited to vacations, flying other than Air Force One on flights only authorized by the House with a budget outlined by Paul Ryan and committee, and on emergency basis only. Freebies are over folks – for everyone in public office, their families and friends.
    – The Federal Reserve will be reviewed submitting to the team of Republican overseers headed by John Cornyn and his team, reverting from January 20, 2009 explaining every dollar printed and where it went. No stone will be left unturned.
    – All monies spent beginning January 20, 2009 will be accounted for and the calculation for those expenses will be paid for personally by the individual authorizing the expense. All money printed must match expended money. Full explanation a must.
    – A complete list expenditures for vacations, maids, servants, dinners other than mandatorily given to visiting dignitaries from proven ally countries will be accumulated and that amount will be repaid into the treasury by the culprit with interest of 5% with the above penalties of prison applying should same not be turned into to Michelle Bachman and her committee in the form of proof that it came from the individual on or before April 30, 2013.
    – A committee of the Governors or their designates of all states with southern borders connecting to Mexico will be instigated by April 30, 2013 and set up with full permission to handle border protection that best suits their state. There will be no intervention from the federal government unless requested by individual state. This includes the internal handling of illegals in those states.
    – Obama care, the snake with tentacles unmanageable and additional expense untenable for Americans, is withdrawn in total as of April 30,2013.
    – All bills passed, as well as all executive orders from January 20, 2009 involving money will be harshly reviewed by groups of citizens with assistance of CPAs and attorneys of their choosing and anything deemed out of line with the best interest of the American people will revert to being paid into the treasury with interest of 5% as soon as located; non-compliance will involved prison until payment in full is received.
    – Any government income-producing division such as the post office, which is not carrying its weight and is at least at a break-even point if not income-producing, will as of April 30, 2013 begin charging back to each employee at a rate of 10% per paycheck until that entity equates to producing income. Should this not be accomplished within one year, the balance owing the American people, will be paid in full to the overseer, Michelle Bachman and group proportionately based on salary scale of every involved federal employee employed in this division at the time.
    – Obama will no longer be given free rein by the media to misinform the American people. He will personally, out of his pocket pay for air time with the exception of national emergency communication. Media is not a free campaigning device.
    – Stunts like denying OUR White House to anyone is unacceptable. Demand is made to Mr. Obama that by April 30, 2013 he personally at his expense, and if any personal is used, he personally pay same out of his pocket, locate each and every student who was denied access to OUR White House over Easter spring break when he choose to close it to visitors and tours and pay IN FULL out of his own pocket, showing receipts to Mrs. Bachman with all substantiating documentation that each family has been reimbursed in full by him personally for their loss plus a 25% additional amount to be given directly to the child in show of good faith, asking forgiveness for his childish behavior.
    – Reiteration of misuse of OUR White House such as entertaining for personal pleasure or use when the American citizens are denied access must be condemned on the floor of combined Congress and televised for the American people to view. This was gross misuse of power, as so many other things.
    – Should Obama care not be fully repealed, there will be no Cadillac plans used for anyone – everyone must participate in the same one.
    – Everyone will be forced to pay into social security – Congress, etc. will as of April 30, 2013 cease any form of retirement monies from the time they leave Congress. Any monies being giving to existing retirees will cease of this date. This is applicable for all public officials other than the President.
    – All government officials now receiving security protection will be limited to ONE security officer regardless of who they are. No freebies.
    – There will be a committee from each state formed by the Governor who will continually oversee and report to citizens of their state, the voting record of their Federal representatives; and they will review all bills plus oversee expenses.
    Dr. Margaret McDowell – Texas

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I urge you, Jordan, to do everything you can as an individual to “make it happen” – and bring everyone you can along with you. Education in one of the most important avenues the Left has used against our country for many, many years. We need you to set this right again.

    And, Patty — you’ll see “I support FairTax” – everyone pays the same and no deductions, loopholes, etc. Flat or fair tax – either way is better than the complex tax system we have today!

  4. Patty says:

    We, out here in TVLand are hungry for statesmanship and dropping “politics”. Just doing what is RIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY WITH LOW TAXES, SMALLER GOVERNMENT. A fair tax system…say 18% income tax for ALL…including corporations. Just a flat tax! Please work toward this. I’m 85 and remember when our country was full of responsible people, not “Gimme” people, wanting the government to take care of them!

  5. Jordan Marsh says:

    I’m a 28 male from Pa and I’d like the new fair deal to include no infringement on any of my rights especially the right to own firearms. Public schools are my second concern. I want choice in schools and more free market schooling options. Thank you much.

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