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Republican Minority Leader Rep. John Burris (Harrison) told Talk Business he feels there’s majority support for private option but is unsure sure about the House supermajority needed for funding the bill.  But he points out DHS may not need the appropriation funds:

–from Talk Business

“Because DHS’ budget is so large, they always have excess [appropriation authority] and since the private option will only take place halfway through the year and it’s a phase-in – you’re not going to have 100% enrollment on day one – the appropriation level needed to operate that is far less than it would be if it were an entire year,” Burris said.  “The point is they have enough excess appropriation already built in to their request to fund the private option.  It would be the same.   They really don’t even have to add appropriation authority.”

Burris said if the funding bill doesn’t pass he’ll not advocate with going forward on the insurance expansion plan.

“If we get to the point where 75 members of the House aren’t comfortable and that appropriation is voted down, then we need to find a way to address the concerns and make sure that the private option isn’t implemented against the will of people who voted against the appropriation.”