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(Continued from previous post due to length)

It’s not that it’s Obamacare … it’s that, regarding the process:

transparency_page_image_0We (the people you refer to above) were surprised that you (conservative candidates who were elected as being against ACA/Obamacare) seem to have had in place a full-blown strategy with details, various stakeholders, shell bills, and coordinating bills (legislative oversight and Medicaid Inspector General, etc.) — all before we knew you had changed your position on ACA.

We believe in transparency.  You ran against Obamacare.  When did you change your mind?

We heard on March 21 that “secret deals” were being cut between GOP leaders and Governor Beebe, and the reaction was strong.  It’s hard to see it any other way now.

Even this past week-end, instead of having an exchange of information with us, many legislators took time only to sell private option again.

We thought we had truly connected with — and truly felt instrumental in electing — these conservatives, but feel you still have not truly heard our concerns.  We seek authenticity.

We believe in accountability and a representative democracy, not old-style back-room deals behind closed doors.

Support Local ConservativesWe expect you to do the best you can for Arkansas.  We know you learn things we constituents will never hear — unless you share those comments from lobbyists (“hospitals will shut down,” etc.) and info with us like “states’ legislatures can determine whether the governor or the state legislature deals with ACA implementation.”

In the vacuum after the Senate passed the initial private option bill, Advance Arkansas, Heritage & Cato Institutes stepped in with facts we had not yet heard from you.  We were more than disappointed when GOP legislators then attacked those “messengers of information.”

A full exchange of factual information with you, when you began to receive it and when you began to craft this whole endeavor, would have gone a very long way toward avoiding the spot we’re in now.

Conservatives are cautious when someone tries to rush a significant decision and moves so very quickly.  We believe in obtaining as much factual information as possible before making such a huge choice for Arkansas.  Why the rush here?

You haven’t yet shown us how and why Arkansas’ current budget appropriations, your proposed tax cuts, and this private option “must pass bill” are actually linked — except to say neither you nor the Governor will do one without the other — and you want it now.

We offer this to help with the “regrouping” Carter discusses in the beginning post.

It’s not just that “It’s Obamacare!”  Really.