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importantVia Conservative Arkansas on Facebook:

Please pay attention to this message from State Rep. Randy Alexander:

Medicaid Expansion did not move through the legislature on Saturday.

Much of what you are hearing from conservatives outside the Capitol is well intentioned, but incorrect.   There is not time for me to get into this now, but I can assure you that in the House, with the exception of 3-5 people who are very invested in making the private option work; the majority of people are just not ready to vote for anything.

HOWEVER, the people who are continuing to follow and work on the private option ARE NOT being fooled by the Democrats or Governor Beebe.   They are simply playing out the thread to see IF there is indeed a better option for Arkansas than what we will get if we do nothing.

It is complicated and we get new information daily.   I don’t yet know what we will do and I don’t think anyone else does either.   BUT PLEASE BE PATIENT!   You are NOT being sold out and we are NOT being snowed by anyone at this point.

Have some faith in your representatives.   I can assure you that most have not change their position one bit at this point, but it would be silly of us not to continue to develop an option that has promise for accomplishing conservative values in a much better way than doing nothing.   At least until we hit a wall that tells us it is not going to work.   We have not yet hit that wall.

Today in our Republican Caucus meeting I am going to move that we DO NOTHING until we have a private option plan that is solid OR it is apparent we are not going to get one.   AND that we take at least a two week recess to go back to our districts and let our constituents know where we stand, why we stand there and get their feedback.   NOT UNTIL THAT HAPPENS, will I be ready to vote

Randy Alexander, State Representative, District 88