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lawmakers-smallWe see where State Rep. Jason Rapert started publicly telling the voters about private option via yesterday’s editorial in Conway’s Log Cabin Democrat.

State Rep. David Meeks was a scheduled speaker at the March Faulkner Co. GOP meeting — and he discussed the parameters of the private option scenario, but only for about 20 minutes, and no questions could be asked due to meeting format.   In Faulkner County, these have been the only opportunities for voters to hear directly from our GOP legislators about what they have in mind for Arkansas taxpayers.

IF, as ten GOP constituent-elected state Senators seem to think, this private option deal is such a good idea, then it will be an even better idea LATER — when we have more information, the guarantees we seek from the federal government, and we learn more about whether this invasive government over-reach into health care will truly be fully implemented across the country.   No one has yet explained why there’s such a rush to authorize private option in Arkansas.

It’s also more than disheartening to hear that those ten GOP senators think the voters are off-base and “stupid” for being “over-reactionary” due to our alarm over their non-transparency.

Do they not understand how they got voted into office?   We’re all adults here.   Voters KNOW we have not heard from our GOP lawmakers about this issue — that is, not until they crafted this deal and it’s almost too late to even learn the details before it’s set to be approved.

Republican and tea party activists worked harder than could ever be imagined to pull together a GOP majority in Arkansas last November.   Many tea party activists worked HARD for the GOP, thinking candidates “got it” and truly understood us and our viewpoints.

I’m left wondering.   And I’m sounding an alarm now — I don’t see it happening again if the private option is approved now, in this fashion, for Arkansas.

Lawmakers: If it’s such a good idea– then TALK to your constituents about your thoughts and what you’ve learned about Medicaid expansion since you became our lawmakers.  You owe it to us.   We owe it to you to listen and work together, for all our benefit.

If private option Medicaid expansion is such a good idea NOW it will still be a good idea then.