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gang-politics-hurt width=”225″ height=”95″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-2359″ />We’re hearing many rumors of arm-twisting and threats — that some Arkansas senators and representatives are being mentally battered and threatened about their future livelihoods and reputations after serving in Little Rock — to change votes to support private option.

Pressure is one thing.  But, if true, this unscrupulous behavior flies in the face of respect for the law and the people who serve us at the Capitol, as well as the taxpayers.

sun-disinectIf true, we should support those lawmakers who’ve been pushed – and they should shout about it from the rooftops.  Sunshine is a very efficient disinfectant for political backroom dealing and Chicago-style politics.

Blackmail is against the law and people who engage in it must not win.  It’s just wrong.  Clear the clouds — let’s see the sun.