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It’s interesting how today’s vote in the Arkansas House changed Governor Beebe’s tone on the GOP legislature.

He sure sounded gracious as long as he saw himself as magnanimous, giving the Republicans a bone (“working with” HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius) to lead the state into private option — thus ensuring his gubernatorial success at implementing Obamacare and cementing Arkansas as the “progressive state” Obama would highly appreciate.

After all, when Beebe first announced the deal he made to use private insurance exchanges to expand coverage to poor Arkansans, it drew national attention and seemed to somewhat guarantee implementation in Arkansas, just by being made so public.

But after today’s thumbs-down vote, Speaker Carter immediately adjourned the House till Tuesday, even though today’s agenda was very full and the Legislature had anticipated ending up this week.

The GOP-led Senate immediately did the same, President Lamoureux saying that other issues — like tax cuts and the proposed budget for the year — were put aside so lawmakers could consider the private option.

Afterward Beebe said legislators should just close up and go home if they don’t plan to pass the bill, and that he would not call a special session for them to consider it again.

“If they don’t pass it tomorrow, then shut the session down and go home,” Beebe told reporters, adding that he could not support any tax cuts in the current legislative session if the bill doesn’t pass.

Sounds like the Beebe we know, who calls both Democrat and GOP legislators into his private office (so he doesn’t tarnish his smiling image in the public’s eye), to pressure deals that meet his objectives.

And my momma always told me to watch what people do — what they say, not so much….