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sick-tiredThe Arkansas House approved Governor Beebe’s private option plan deal today 77-23.

Wonder how differently this would have turned out if the conservative GOP legislators had trusted their constituents and told us up front when they began considering this option?

We the people could have either helped them with this issue or helped them defeat it thoroughly.

When will the elected officials learn to include the people?  As an independent freedom-minded activist I can tell you that involving the people is the Only Way to Go.  Otherwise, we get the split support and division that lost our cause today.

When will we learn to “trust but verify?”  Yes, part of the solution to future situations like this is up to us — we knew for over a year and a half about health care events sponsored by Beebe and the Insurance Department.

We should have followed behind the people we elected to avoid shocking surprises like this, and to ensure we know what they were doing in Little Rock.  Representative democracy does not mean “We elect you and then go away, until you do something we do not like.”

This whole deal is an Arkansas version of what’s wrong with D.C.  Even in today’s politics, creating old style, secret back-room deals with the opposing party still seems to work.  I promise you, a little transparency goes a long way toward more success in the future, with much less pain and trauma.

When will we all learn??