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johnstonJeff Johnston, the Faulkner County administrator charged with using county funds to pave his driveway, was fired this week, according to news reports quoting Judge Allen Dodson, who made no other comments.

Johnston has been in the news quite often, most recently when Harold Allen Smith pleaded guilty to the “love child hoax” letters sent during the recent Faulkner County Sheriff campaign.

Smith says he met regularly with Johnston and then County Attorney Stephan Hawks to discuss the sheriff’s race before he created and mailed the fake documents attacking sheriff candidate Andy Shock.

Johnston also was named when focus turned last year to officer Jason Bell, Faulkner County’s former one-man Road Enforcement Unit.   Bell was fired in late summer 2012 and returned to the county five guns purchased by the county for his unit, including four AR-15s.

After Johnston used letterhead marked “Faulkner Co Enforcement” to purchase some of the guns, Bell said he had created the letterhead for Johnston to use — and Johnston cited his authority as county administrator when explaining the letterhead and purchases.

In 2008, under the direction of then Prosecuting Attorney Marcus Vaden, Hawks (county attorney at the time) said he was the buyer and was not buying on “behalf of another person” when Johnston went with him to Don’s Weaponry and bought an $11,800 Barrett M107 .50 caliber semi-automatic rifle with county asset forfeiture funds.

An ATF report adds that the rifle passed to “Johnston, a non-law enforcement county official,” who admitted to shooting it while drunk.

Johnston, who has pleaded innocent in the current felony case regarding the driveway paving, is awaiting a pretrial hearing in that case.