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moreIt’s always good to know someone reads our questions, remarks, and concerns.

In this case, Ron Bartels read “One More Thing” and responded to our post.  And, according to Mr. Bartels in the below e-mail he sent to Our Voices: Arkansas today, the answer to our question is “No.”

I need to know why you published a false story claiming I had something to do with an effort to publish a story about a baby in the sheriff’s race.  I am aware that Harold Smith pleaded guilty to the effort and that he told who all was involved with him.

Since I was not part of his courthouse group, I was not privileged to have any knowledge about it ahead of time or I would have objected to it.  This is why I need your help in locating the person who falsified this story.  I also need to know why you would publish a story like this without even calling me to verify this fabrication.

I need your contact information and a certified statement from whoever you are as to your source on this created information and what you know about it.  I also expect and apology and a retraction from you!   No one should be smeared like this.

Just so you know, I have been out of Faulkner County politics since September of 2011 and only host website for a few folks there.  I do not live in Faulkner County and have not for almost two years.

I did not know about this site until Bill Maynard told me about it this afternoon.  This communication is not part of the record and your full cooperation is expected!

Mr. Bartels, please read more carefully.  We only repeated public information available via the Log Cabin and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, so your remarks seem overblown.

As to “locating the person who falsified this story,” we suggest you contact the newspaper reporters for their sources.

And, nothing we care to write about is “off the record” or below the line here, as that is our purpose — to publicize the voices, questions, and concerns of liberty-minded grassroots conservatives in Arkansas.