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State Legislature Cried Wolf on Private OptionLet’s see … the Arkansas Legislature crammed the Medicaid expansion down our throats with cries of the horrendous financial impact to Arkansas businesses who were legally bound by the law to insure their employees under Obamacare…

Now Obama has pulled another fast one, by delaying the essential-to-the-scheme “employer mandate” portion of Obamacare until after the November 2014 elections:

Last night’s last-minute announcement about the delay in implementing Obamacare’s employer mandate is not just today’s front-page news — it’s also one of the most important news stories of the year.

You might remember that a central argument in favor of the Medicaid expansion that Arkansas wrote into law two months ago was that it would “save Arkansas businesses $38 million per year.” This “savings” was derived from the reduced costs that businesses would incur because of this mandate: instead of being forced to insure employees, businesses with 50 or more employees could just dump them onto the taxpayer-subsidized plan.

So here’s what just happened: we’ve now discovered that Arkansas has shouldered a gigantic government expansion, which funds a program that does not work, which was justified on the basis of tax savings that no longer exist.”

h/t The Arkansas Project

Obama once again has pulled it off: With a stroke of his all-powerful Presidential pen, he postpones some of the most painful parts of Obamacare until After the Next Elections. HOW does he continue getting away with this!?

And, the Arkansas Legislature pulled one off on Arkansas taxpayers, but as in most cases, a little time sheds a whole lot of truth on the matter.

It seems such a simple question: Back last April, why couldn’t the Legislature have waited just a few weeks, as we begged them to do, to see how Obamacare would continue to be implemented across the country?

As Obamacare falls in on itself, we’ll just have to ask the 250,000 Arkansans who will be on the “private option” what they think.