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vote6Talk Business Arkansas reports that Rep. David Meeks will decide whether to run in 2014 for Lt. Governor “in the next month or so,” though he is “leaning toward just staying in my district.”

Meeks says the Lt. Governor should be more than a ceremonial position, with the state’s second highest-ranking constitutional officer doing more than just accepting a paycheck.

I think there’s a lot of important things to do. I think he’s there for a reason. We had a couple of sessions ago where Bill Halter, he pushed the lottery forward,” Meeks said.

Lt. Governor Darr has been a good representative on pushing back on the affordable health care act and a couple of other things. So I think there is an important job for the Lt. Governor regardless of who the Governor may be, and going forward, I would like to see the Lt. Governor be more active.”

Meeks explained,

We have to make sure that Lt. Governor Darr is not going to run again. There’s been rumors that he’ll run in the fourth district to replace Tom Cotton, who will run for U.S. Senate. And that’s the big thing, is what Lt. Gov. Darr will actually do. And who else may run for his seat.

If there is somebody else out there who is a strong candidate, then I would defer to them and just stay where I’m at.”