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public noticeThe U.S. Census Bureau regularly sends our business a reporting form that says, “upon notification,” we must provide information such as gross sales, industry the sales occur in, how much we spend on raw materials, how many employees we have, etc.

We tried to ignore the form and just not return it.

But we then received several Census Bureau missives, each increasingly strident about the law and the reporting requirements and even listing possible legal penalties should we not comply.

In the end, we returned a form, not wanting to bring unneeded focus on our local business.

Point is, we were forced by the Census Bureau to make sure the info got to the government.

Just one thing….

WHO forces the government to ensure We the People get required legal notices and information — let’s say from the Department of the Interior about National Blueway designations, or from the Army Corps of Engineers about the Caney Creek Mitigation Bank project?

We just learned here in Arkansas and Missouri that none of our elected officials (local, state or national) had info on the proposed (now yanked) White River National Blueway.  How come?

Why don’t our elected officials know about this Caney Creek mitigation bank project?  Why are We the People going the wrong way on such a one-way street?