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2014 Elections - Arkansas House * SenateThe 2014 election spin cycle with the Arkansas House and Senate has just begun, ready or not.

Will Conway Mayor Tab Townsell cut his term short in Conway to run against Senator Jason Rapert?

Will grassroots election activists still remember — and remind incumbents about — their angst over the Obamacare / Medicaid expansion by the 2013 Legislature?

Five of the six state Representatives from Faulkner County hold what’s believed to be solid Republican seats: David Meeks, Stephen Meeks, Jose Farrer, Josh Miller, and Doug House.

Democrat and Conway eye doctor Steve Magie has a solid hold on the sixth seat.

Of our four GOP Senators, Jason Rapert, David Sanders and Missy Irvin currently hold 2-year terms and so their seats will be open in 2014.

Of those 3, Senator Rapert’s race draws the most heat.

After playing a pivotal role in the 2013 Legislature (via anti-abortion and Medicaid expansion legislation, among other issues), it was rumored that Rapert was lining up for a Lt. Governor candidacy. He’s put that to rest, though, saying he will run for Senate again.

Meanwhile, his 2012 opponent Democrat Linda Tyler may — or may not — run against him for Senator in 2014. (She’s also looking at running against 2nd District U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin).

Add to the mix the idea that Conway Mayor Tab Townsell could run against Rapert and the race gets very warm, indeed.

We’ve also heard that Missy Irvin may not run again. And, so far, GOP Senator David Sanders has yet to file for re-election. It’s believed that his 2012 opponent Ed Garner may run in that spot again.

GOP Senator Eddie Joe Williams’ seat is not open again until 2016.