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guns-schoolWell, we’re claiming it — WTYS (We Told You So).

Today’s actions by the Arkansas Board of Private Investigators and Security Agencies prove it again — hardly anyone, not our lawmakers nor our state agencies, understands our current laws about guns in schools.

Despite already approving licenses for about 50 people from Arkansas school districts over the past few years, the licensing Board now says it will follow the AG’s recent opinion.

That’s the opinion by Dustin McDaniel preventing Clarksville School to act as a security company, thus rendering its idea of licensing its staff to carry guns (and training them so far to the tune of almost $70,000) illegal and pretty much useless.

At today’s meeting the licensing Board approved these votes:

1. That all commissions they granted to schools are on hold for 60 days (this is the provision that has previously allowed staff members to carry weapons) (unanimous vote)

2. That all commissions to be a security officer while a school district staff member be suspended (this is aimed at all already commissioned school staff members statewide — about 60 including 14 at Clarksville) (vote was 6- 1)

3. That suspensions were approved due to “concerns about the safety and welfare of the public,” to comply with current law on suspending security officer commissions (unanimous vote)

In the past few years Clarksville hasn’t been the only school that licensed its staff as security guards with guns, but Clarksville has by far gotten the most national and statewide attention for its plan for the 2013-14 school year.

Not only do today’s votes make it clear the Board doesn’t understand the law, but those votes are painfully politically obvious.

All seven licensing Board members are appointed by our Democrat Governor Beebe, and of course our Democrat Attorney General issued his opinion on the whole issue at the request of a Democrat state legislator — who didn’t bother to discuss the issue with Clarksville or any existing licensed schools first.

Clarksville says it will appeal.  It’s not too difficult for us to say “WTYS” about the coming lawsuits.