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Biodiversity Systems in the U.S.Those of us who are opposed to the White River Blueway base our opinions on a myriad of valid facts that liberals chose to conveniently ignore or avoid.

Here’s a map that illustrates exactly what our government’s push for a national waterway / trailway system would mean for the United States (click the map to see all the details).  Notice that areas in red are designated “little or no human use.”

Even though a recent Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article quoted the Arkansas Forestry Commission Director as saying the Blueway wouldn’t have added any government restrictions on private property, we know different.

Just one regulation would have imposed a 180-foot buffer on the River where human activities basically cannot happen — so how does that not impact farms and private landowners that are already in place along the White River?

So, do your research.  Read everything you can find, and tell your friends.

The federal government will continue to work for “environmental concerns” such as the Blueway that constitute “takings” of private property.

We will continue to resist.