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anti-bluewaySunday’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article on the demise of the White River Blueway focused on the distrust that critics feel “torpedoed” the Blueway.

Interesting that the reporters didn’t talk to the hundreds of grassroots activists in Arkansas who joined others in Missouri who took it upon themselves to research the plan and broadcast the information far and wide to affected city and county governments, farmers, and landowners in 60 counties.

Joe Fox, Director of the Arkansas Forestry Commission, a group that was on board with the designation early on, says the idea the Blueway could end up as a federal land “taking” was “entirely incorrect” and that critics had a “misunderstanding” about what the Blueway would mean.

Fox says the Blueway would have resulted in no new government restrictions on private property.  But Senator Missy Irvin, who owns property on the White River, says the plan would have required farmers to reduce water consumption by 5% over the plan’s first 1 to 3 years, and by 15% in 3 to 7 years.

Sounds like government restrictions on private farm property to us!

U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock (R, California) adds this:

To date this administration has met our request for more information on the Blueway program with silence.  They refused to appear before Congress to answer substantive questions and have failed to provide us documentation we have requested.

Late in July, the Obama administration was forced to back off from imposing Blueways restrictions on the White River and the new Secretary was forced to declare a “pause” on the program.

Unfortunately, despite repeated questioning of the Department, it is not at all clear whether the “pause” is a sincere re-evaluation of a fundamentally flawed program or just a time-out until the heat dies down.”

We will continue to watch developments on the Blueway designations across the country.  We will continue our resistance to un-Constitutional environmental edicts and plans of the Obama administration.