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fedDollar falters on Fed uncertainty, US inflation key

Below-target inflation poses QE tapering risks for Fed

These kinds of headlines are cropping up more and more as the Federal Reserve tries to craft a way out of its “unconventional” massive buying of financial assets — so-called “quanititative easing” — that has (falsely, we must say) increased our monetary base and propped up our very sick economy.

Do you understand the Fed? Who is it, how does it work, and why is it ruining our monetary system?

KARN financial talk show host David Lukas recently visited the Faulkner County Tea Party, generating many, many questions about the Fed and our money system.

We offer a couple of videos that eloquently explain the problems we have with the Fed.  They are not short videos, but how much time is the truth worth to you?

If you search “The American Dream” movie, you can see the full length version free on YouTube.

“The Creature from Jekyll Island” tells about the beginnings of the Fed; this is a video version of this informative book that David Lukas recommends.