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gun-holsterLast spring, Arkansas’ Republican led 89th General Assembly passed several bills dealing with policies none of us knew were problems that needed resolution — until legislation cleared committee and was passed.

(And, for example, in some cases even some Republican legislators were not told of the Medicaid expansion / private option arrangement until it was in place and was public knowledge, but that’s for another post.)

One of those “who knew?” issues is guns on school campuses.  Sure, Sandy Hook was an awful, awful tragedy; however, we don’t recall taxpayers clamoring here in Arkansas to allow our schools to be armed.

Now we see that Clarksville (Arkansas) High School will employ an apparently obscure state law to have licensed, armed security guards on campus.  After completing hours of security guard training, armed Clarksville High teachers will be considered guards while they patrol their school’s halls.

So, along with “Who knew?”, we’re wondering why didn’t the Legislature know about this law before they spent time, effort, and political capital passing the “guns on campus” legislation (that all state colleges have soundly rejected)?

The new guns on campus law was one we did not need; why not employ / enforce laws already in place?

I hate to have to agree with Speaker John Boehner, but voters better begin judging Congress — and our Legislature — by the number of laws repealed, not the number of new laws passed.