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charges-dropJust as soon as we heard that Maryland Dad Robert Small was charged with assaulting a police officer after being ejected when he spoke out of turn at his children’s school’s parent meeting on Common Core, we see the Baltimore County state’s attorney’s office has dropped the charges.

When Small repeatedly spoke his concerns to the School Board, the off-duty police officer working meeting security on the school’s behalf forcibly ejected Small from the meeting — and all this was filmed and splashed across the Internet.

The video didn’t show when Small allegedly pushed the officer’s arm while the two were in the lobby after Small was removed from the room, the incident that prompted the charges.

Small apologized afterward and said he only wanted attention for his question.

Prosecutors said

It was clear that Mr. Small violated the rules of the meeting and disrupted the meeting.

It was also clear that the officer acted appropriately and did have probable cause to make an arrest on both charges.

In the interest of justice, further prosecution will not accomplish anything more.  Therefore, the charges have been dismissed.