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We were stunned to hear this story from last Thursday in Towson, Maryland: *

…A Dad was arrested at a public forum outside Baltimore.  This is it — the Common Core State Standards.  This is the flyer.  Says here, ‘Your chance to get answer to your Common Core questions.’

Well, that’s what it was — Dad stands up and he’s got a question about Common Core.  His name is Robert Small, and he wasn’t merely arrested, he was removed with excessive force — and today he faces 10 years in prison.

Now, if I told you that story, you’d say “there’s got to be a catch.”  You decide for yourself.  It’s all captured on the video below.

But before you watch, here’s what was going on:

The Baltimore County School Board decided — instead of actually engaging with the parents in a back-and-forth question-and-answer session — that Common Core questions would need to be written down on paper and then “handed in to the schoolmarm.”

Now with this method, sure it’s a little more orderly but it also removes the possibility of follow-up questions on the spot, takes the microphone out of the crowd, takes the emotion out of the room (which could be argued as a good thing or a bad thing).

What happens is you suppress and minimize any possible objections.

OK, so you can play that either way — “Just trying to move things along, make sure nobody gets amgry..”

But they screened and edited the questions in advance.  So for over an hour the crowd had to listen to the superintendent talk about how wonderful Common Core was.  Then they showed a video on how great Common Core is.  Then they started reading some of the softball questions.

That’s when Robert Small couldn’t take it anymore.  But, he stood up in total self-control and here’s what happened.


This guy — the father — was charged with second degree assault of a police officer.  Faces a $2500 fine and up to ten years in prison.

What law did the man break that warranted such a show of force?

We consider this event a huge wake-up call to American parents and citizens.  Will you listen?



* Word for word as Glenn Beck described it.