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who-blameSo the Republicans are responsible if the government shuts down — according to Democrats and other non-English-speaking people.

The Republican House has sent a Continuing Resolution (CR) to the Senate.  This CR funds the whole government and all programs with the exception of Obamacare.

The Senate now has the responsibility to vote this CR up or down, or to make modifications to it and send it back to the house for action.

So how are Republicans responsible for a government shutdown that would, in current circumstances, be caused by the Democrat-dominated Senate failing to vote on the CR — or modifying it and not leaving time for the House to act on it before midnight September 30?

The Democrats may not like what the Republicans have sent them, but they cannot assign blame just because they don’t like a bill.  The Democrats own this issue, and it’s time Republicans gave the Democrats — and especially BHO — a taste of their own medicine.

If the House gets the CR back without the defunding amendment in it, is the Senate then responsible for the shutdown that will inevitably occur?

It seems consistent to say if the Senate is at fault for not passing the CR they received from the House, they are responsible for the results.  This is what Democrats have been saying to Republicans.

Harry Reid has called the House CR “dead.”  If he won’t look at it, it is dead.

If he sends a bill back that has no defunding mechanism, the House can add one in and send it back to the Senate for action.  In the meantime the government closes down.

Not the fault of the House for adding defunding language to the CR unless it’s also the Senate’s fault for removing defunding language from the CR.

As the Senate action will occur closest to the shutdown shouldn’t they inherit the lion’s share of the bad press?

Seems logical to us, but in our spin-driven world, logic doesn’t always trump inventive story-telling.

— Submitted by Veritas