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Conway School Board Election on September 17

The Conway Public Schools are the largest local government entity around — their taxpayer-funded budget is more than the budget for Conway and certainly larger than Faulkner County’s.  Even so, school board elections continue to be held on a special day (third Tuesday of September) not associated with any other elections.

As a result, these elections are mostly decided by a 100 times (10,000%) fewer voters than the general election.

And most of the time these low-turnout elections are dominated by the votes of school employees rather than the parents, employers, and hard-working citizens who pay taxes to support local education in the schools.

So what results do we get from this self-interested, insider system of electing school boards? Well, Arkansas has a:

80.7% graduation rate,
47.8% post-secondary remediation rate,
38.7% four-year college graduation rate (48th in U.S.)
18.7% with a four-year degree (49th in U.S.)
6.7% with a graduate degree (50th in U.S.)

We should be proud, do you think?

We have a Conway Public School Board election coming soon — on September 17.  Early voting begins one week before.

Make a promise that you will be one of the school board electors and GO VOTE IN THE SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION.