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Food stamp benefits were raised as part of the 2009 Obama stimulus, and Congress kept those increased benefits in place throughout various “fiscal cliff” agreements.

Those increased benefits are due to expire on November 1st — a 5% cut — which caused the Dept. of Homeland Security to predict a dire catastrophe complete with riots and violence in the streets.

Don’t fall for it!  The media and the Obama White House are playing a numbers game.

By their assessment, when it comes to food stamps a 5% cut (five percent they had added in the first place) constitutes a catastrophe resulting in street riots — which haven’t happened to our knowledge, by the way.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is earnesly telling us that the 12 million people — about 5% of the population — with cancelled or soon-to-be-cancelled individual health insurance policies will now have Obamacare and that, with federal subsidies, these people will end up with better coverage at lower cost.

A very good thing, they’re saying, because it only affects a “small number” of folks.

They can’t have it both ways – if they’re convinced a catastrophe will occur because a 5% cut is so drastically draconian, then when 5% of the insured population loses their insurance coverage that surely must be a catastrophe!

(By the way, both House Republicans and Senate Democrats are set to propose new, higher baselines for the food stamp program as part of current budget talks.)